​Ultimate Camp Kitchen Upgrade: Portable Fridge Freezer

​Ultimate Camp Kitchen Upgrade: Portable Fridge Freezer

Posted by Mercedes Lilienthal on 1st Feb 2023

We’ve all been there. A vacation is planned, anticipation to let loose from everyday life is in the air. Food and drinks are purchased and tossed in a cooler. Ice is the last thing to grab to keep everything chilled. However, it’s the first thing to go.

Cooler mishaps happen all the time: leaking food containers and melted ice can wreak holiday havoc with anyone. This can leave you frustrated and hungry, with time spent cleaning a murky mess vs spending it relaxing with loved ones.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if there’s a way to store food and drinks safely and securely while keeping them at controlled temperatures? Imagine eating ice cream on a hot summer’s day or having frozen ice at the ready for camp-side cocktails in the middle of nowhere can make trips special.

A portable fridge/freezer can do all of those things. They’re easy to use and are a life -changer- no matter if pounding the pavement or hosting gatherings at home. Powered by multiple methods, a plug-in fridge/freezer can quickly put an end to soggy bread and warm food.

Here at Fort Robin, we carefully vet each manufacturer and their products, ensuring you a SIMPLER way of life. We’ll make sure you have what you need to make camping accessible and fun. Ice cream when it’s 100° out? No problem. How about eating eggs after seven days of sleeping in the woods? Yep.

Plugin fridge/freezers are available in multiple capacities and types. Most are packaged with a wall-style AC plug for at-home use as well as a cigarette-style plug for use in your vehicle. Hardwire kits to connect your fridge/freezer unit to your adventuremobile’s battery are also available.

Plug it in, stash it full, set the temp, and forget it. You control the temperature and how it’s used. It’s that simple.

Dual-zone units boast freezing and refrigeration opportunities. Higher-end models can allow for the compartments to be one giant ice chest, a roomy fridge, or a combination of the two.If freezing food isn’t the name of your game and you’re in the market for an easy-to-use refrigerator, we have your solution as well.

Here at Fort Robin, we’re curating an easier way. We’re making your life simpler. Better.

Portable cooling units can be outfitted with a variety of accessories. From insulated transport bags (which helps your fridge/freezer stay scratch-free) to mobile apps that monitor your it’s temp, voltage level, and so on. Owning a portable fridge/freezer will make you ditch your old-school cooler in no time.

Why live with wilted lettuce or smashed sandwiches? Purchasing a portable plug-in fridge/freezer will leave you wondering why you didn’t buy one sooner. Use at home or in your car. It’s the ultimate kitchen camp upgrade. Fridge/freezers boast separate compartments and interior cubbies to stock your Dad’s favorite sausages or Aunt Suzie’s homemade coleslaw. With a simple, easy-to-open lid, each fridge has designated spaces to stash a wide assortment of edibles.

Award-winning journalist and photographer Mercedes Lilienthal creates unique content that involves vehicular adventure travel, the gear used to make that happen, as well as women within the industry (like Amy and Pam of Fort Robin). Mercedes and her husband own three right-hand-drive turbo-diesel 4x4 Mitsubishi vehicles which they’ve driven throughout many parts of North America with. A dual citizen of the United States and Germany, Mercedes loves traveling throughout the world. Her focus is to help others experience the outdoors so they can reconnect with life as well as their loved ones. Follow Mercedes Lilienthal via Facebook (@crankshaftculture and @mercedeslilienthal), Instagram (@crankshaftculture and @mercedes_lilienthal), and Twitter (@writerwithgrit).

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