The Glorious Camping Trip!

Seeing the world around us without digital screens, relaxing near a river with a cold beverage in hand, smelling the freshness nature offers after a quick rain shower—this is what we want. This is what we strive for; it’s our glorious camping trip!

What’s our true goal with camping? We hope to build memories with our families. We want to spend every second we can with them, but camp in a minimalistic, easy, and adventurous sort of style.

Maybe it’s by eating too many s’mores or downing burnt sausages while snorting through food-filled laughter. Perhaps it’s feeling warm sand between your toes as you gaze across the ocean or sitting in silence around a good campfire. For us, those moments are real. That is living. It’s the true meaning of life and adventure. We strive to admire the simplest things while surrounding ourselves by Mother Nature and those we love.

However, we seem to live in a world that’s work, work, and more work—all the time. Multi-tasking is the new norm. Texts have taken over hand-written letters and the faster you get something done the quicker you can start the next. Isn’t it tiring? Wouldn’t you rather detach from every day hassles to attach to life and your see your family?


Here at Fort Robin, we want to curate an easier way.

Many of us have said no to camping because it takes too much work. Or, found it difficult or intimidating to try something new we’re unfamiliar with.

Camping can be tough without the right gear. We pack the food and grab sleeping bags. We take tents, extra clothes, a cooler with tons of ice, as well as everything else associated with at-home living, but without the power. We’re striving for the perfect outdoor home away from home.

However, camping can be done easily, simply, and stylishly!

At Fort Robin, we’re here to make things easier, better, and more streamlined for you—what camping should be. Our carefully vetted selection of camping and overlanding products can bring your family closer together and help create a future full of adventure.

Spend less time prepping and planning, spend more time relaxing and laughing.

It’s time to enjoy nature. Soak up the sun and the trees. Devour the lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Hike over rocks or lay in hammocks. It’s your turn to decide what to do.

Let Fort Robin help you prepare for a SIMPLER way of life.

We’ll make sure you have what you need to make camping accessible and fun. We want YOU to make memories with your family like we intend to make with ours.

 With Love for Outdoor Adventures, 

- Team Fort Robin

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Before you leave...

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