Policy Purpose:

At Fort Robin, we are committed to providing a secure and trustworthy shopping environment for all our customers. To ensure the integrity of transactions and to protect against potential fraud, we have implemented a policy focusing on the verification of billing and shipping information provided during the checkout process.


Policy Statement:

For all transactions processed through Fort Robin, the billing and shipping addresses must be verified to ensure they match, particularly focusing on the zip codes. Transactions where the billing and shipping zip codes do not match may be subject to additional verification or may be declined if verification cannot be satisfactorily completed.


Procedure for Address Verification:

Order Review:

All orders placed on Fort Robin will automatically undergo a review process where the billing and shipping zip codes are checked for consistency.


Discrepancy Handling:

If a discrepancy between the billing and shipping zip code is detected, the order will be temporarily held. The customer will be contacted via email or phone to confirm the order details.


Customer Verification:

Customers will be required to verify their identity and confirm that they authorized the transaction. This may involve confirming personal details, answering security questions, or providing additional proof of address.


Order Confirmation or Cancellation:

Upon successful verification, the order will be processed and shipped. If verification is unsuccessful or if we suspect fraudulent activity, the order will be canceled to protect all parties involved. The customer will be notified of the cancellation and the reason for such action.


Secure Payment Processing:

Fort Robin uses secure payment processing services to ensure that all transactions are conducted safely. All sensitive information is encrypted and handled according to the highest standards of data security.


Guidelines for Customers:

Ensure Accuracy: Customers are advised to ensure that their billing and shipping information is accurate and consistent when placing orders.

Secure Accounts: Maintain secure passwords for accounts on Fort Robin and monitor account activity regularly.

Report Suspicions: If you suspect any fraudulent activity on your account, please contact Fort Robin customer service immediately.


Customer Service Support: 

Fort Robin is dedicated to maintaining a transparent and responsive line of communication with our customers. For any questions regarding this policy or for assistance with order verification, please contact our customer support team at


Policy Review and Update:

This policy is subject to regular review and updates to accommodate changes in technology, fraud prevention practices, and regulatory requirements. Fort Robin reserves the right to amend this fraud prevention policy at any time to enhance security measures and protect our customers and business operations.


Effective Date:

This policy is effective as of May 13, 2024, and applies to all orders placed on or after this date.


By implementing these measures, Fort Robin aims to mitigate the risk of fraudulent transactions and ensure a secure shopping experience for all customers.

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