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Posted by Amy Hay on 16th Jun 2024

The glorious camping trip!

We want to like it, we do. But the reality is, it’s a ton of work. We pack the food, the sleeping bags, tents, extra clothes, food, and all those things on which we hope to build memories.

S’mores, burnt sausages, maybe feet in sand, or just a good campfire. But for real.

It’s work, work, work all the time.

We here at Fort Robin, hope to curate an easier way.

For real, how many of us have just gotten to the NO. Like camping is tough, we pack so much, make a ton of food, drive forever, unpack, set up and just try to make an outdoor home from home?

We look to make things easier, better, more streamlined and just all around what camping should be.

Nature, trees, the lakes, rivers, waterfalls, rocks. Hikes if you’re down, hammocks if not. Let’s have a chill, make sure we have what we need, not all the extra stuff we just bring.

Fort Robin is about figuring out what makes things better, what we need, and what will just make a camping trip be just easier, better, and making those memories we look to make. 

Amy Hay & Pam Merritt

Co-Owners, Fort Robin

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Before you leave...

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