Camp Essentials: Vehicle Awnings

Camp Essentials: Vehicle Awnings

Posted by Mercedes Lilienthal on 5th Feb 2023

Fort Robin believes in living simply. We strive to make things easier, better, and more protected for your loved ones and you. Upgrading your car with a vehicle rooftop awning should be your next consideration and here’s why.

Offering up gobs of shade from a hot summer’s sun or shelter from passing rain showers, a vehicle awning will give you and yours protection from nature’s elements. Simple to mount and easy to use, by owning an awning, you’ll have a fast-acting portable shelter any time you need it.

Rooftop awnings are available in various sizes. They’re built to suit a wide array of vehicles, too. Mounting an awning is done by attaching it to a vehicle’s roof side rails or roof rack system by way of mounting brackets.

From narrower models that offer a few feet of coverage to their larger siblings that can span to eight feet in width, awnings are deployed to give you tons of shade and protection from the elements.

Simply unzip or unlatch the awning cover and unravel it several feet until the end is discovered. Once pulled taught, pull out the tucked-in telescoping poles, lengthen them to your desired height, and tighten and tighten them.

Once staked into the ground, secure the nylon awning material to its upper poles (usually with Velcro straps). Secure the setup with supplied awning guy ropes and stakes if wind or inclement weather should arise. Within a few minutes, you’ll have the perfect place to set up a few chairs and chat the night away.

Made from sturdy and heavy-duty materials, vehicle awnings stow easily when not needed. Simply reverse the above steps and secure the awning cover. Note: make sure the awning is completely dry before storing it.

Premium awning models can include integrated LED lighting and other features. Additionally, specific awning models may have accessories like a side panel for added coverage or even mesh rooms that can mount underneath an awning. Who wouldn’t want a quick-to-set-up shelter that can be enjoyed any time of the year?

Fort Robin strives to offer simple and easy-to-use products. Awnings offer shade when the going gets hot. They also give you protection against driving rain if out in the open or from falling pinecones and debris if tucked up under trees.

Who wouldn’t want a portable base camp that’s easy to set up? It doesn’t matter if you’re playing cards until the wee hours of the morning or seeking shelter when the weather gets rough, an awning will provide years of sheltering service.

Owning a vehicle awning may make the world of adventurous possibility one step closer to reality.

Here at Fort Robin, we offer products to help save time and energy, so you can have more of it to spend with family, friends, and four-legged fur babies. 

Award-winning journalist and photographer Mercedes Lilienthal creates unique content that involves vehicular adventure travel, the gear used to make that happen, as well as women within the industry (like Amy and Pam of Fort Robin). Mercedes and her husband own three right-hand-drive turbo-diesel 4x4 Mitsubishi vehicles which they’ve driven throughout many parts of North America with. A dual citizen of the United States and Germany, Mercedes loves traveling throughout the world. Her focus is to help others experience the outdoors so they can reconnect with life as well as their loved ones. Follow Mercedes Lilienthal via Facebook (@crankshaftculture and @mercedeslilienthal), Instagram (@crankshaftculture and @mercedes_lilienthal), and Twitter (@writerwithgrit).

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