​Roof Top Tents:  A Camper's Off-Ground Paradise

​Roof Top Tents: A Camper's Off-Ground Paradise

Posted by Mercedes Lilienthal on 1st Feb 2023

Camping should be easy. It shouldn’t take hours to set up camp or take days to prepare for it. You shouldn’t have to sleep on the cold, hard ground or dig trenches around your tent if it pours, either. The evolution of the tent has come a long way, so why still sleep on the ground in one and face the same issues your grandparents did when they camped?

Fort Robin strives to offer simple and easy-to-use products. Case in point? 

Rooftop tents.

Owning a rooftop tent affords you the ultimate sleeping quarters in mere minutes. Gone are sore backs and grouchy mornings. Here are nights of solid sleeps with a comfortable mattress. Why get a rooftop tent? Rooftop tents are unique. They’re versatile and fun. They also fit a bunch of different vehicles. From Subarus to Suburbans or Rav4s to Renegades, rooftop tents come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Typically mounted atop factory roof rails or roof rails with crossbars, rooftop tents can offer your family and you a birds-eye view of the world beneath you. Who wouldn’t want to share a rooftop experience with their family? The days of fort building with blankets and chairs at home are translated into a nifty, quick-to-use rooftop tent.

Rooftop tents are sturdy tape-seamed shelters; they’ll keep you dry and comfortable in case of inclement weather. Mounted on a vehicle’s roof (or in some cases, on a pull-behind trailer) they’re off the ground and are cozy and comfortable. 

Easy to use and quick to set up, rooftop tents offer impromptu base camps wherever you want—whenever you want them.

Rooftop tents are a cinch to use (they take a few quick minutes to set up). Simply unzip the cover and remove it, open the tent to its fullest potential, extend the ladder, and prop up window awnings if you like. Et voilà! Your overlanding oasis is ready to go. Toss in sleeping bags, pillows, your gear, and get ready for your inner childhood giddiness to take hold.

Many rooftop tents boast zippered windows with insect screens, secret pouches to stash stuff, and can be outfitted with lights, additional storage opportunities, and more. Some even showcase skylights to see stars!

From SUVs to trucks, Jeeps to cross-overs, rooftop tents are fun for everyone. We’ve even seen dogs climb the ladders to sleep with their family!

Owning a new rooftop tent will allow you countless nights of star-gazing and camp-filled fun. Your family will be excited to venture into the unknown while knowing their treetop fort will be there and at the ready in a cinch. It will help keep your loved ones and you safe, dry, and off the ground.

Rooftop tents are a neat way to see the world, through your memories of fort building as a child. 

Award-winning journalist and photographer Mercedes Lilienthal creates unique content that involves vehicular adventure travel, the gear used to make that happen, as well as women within the industry (like Amy and Pam of Fort Robin). Mercedes and her husband own three right-hand-drive turbo-diesel 4x4 Mitsubishi vehicles which they’ve driven throughout many parts of North America with. A dual citizen of the United States and Germany, Mercedes loves traveling throughout the world. Her focus is to help others experience the outdoors so they can reconnect with life as well as their loved ones. Follow Mercedes Lilienthal via Facebook (@crankshaftculture and @mercedeslilienthal), Instagram (@crankshaftculture and @mercedes_lilienthal), and Twitter (@writerwithgrit).

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